Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Dream of What's to Come, from Tsege Beyene

This morning, as we were worshipping, the Holy Spirit brought a scene from my dream, the dream that I dreamt about 2 years ago. It was so vivid: The dream in summary was, Duncan was standing facing the people below the platform (I think he was leading worship or teaching..not sure) I was by the book store (this is before the center was re-modeled). As Duncan was speaking, I heard a sound, immediately I was in awe; said to myself OH IT IS HERE!!! THE ONE WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR IS HERE!!! with urgency, I wanted to run towards the center, I fell flat on the floor, I felt like there was not a bone left in me I could not move. I heard the people were making a lot of various sounds, some were crying.. THE HOLY SPIRIT WITH POWER and MIGHT TOOK OVER. Way before the center transitioned (to Carlos and Catherine); I had seen Duncan being commisioned to a new thing, I did not know what that new thing was, I believe I shared it then. So, I really believe the Father of Glory will bring this one to pass. -Tsege Beyene, Raleigh, NC, January 13, 2013

Monday, September 17, 2012

"The Five Angels and Five Highways of Revival"

Jeff Jansen: "The Five Angels and Five Highways of Revival The Five Angels While ministering in San Diego recently, the Lord revealed to me five angels that have been released in North America to bring revival fires to key cities. These five angels will be moving along five key highways that crisscross the United States. These highways will be known as Revival Highways. Bob Jones had a visitation several years ago from an angel named Breakthrough Revival. This angel had 11 other resurrection angels with him and he told Bob he had been sent to the States to prepare America for the greatest revival she had ever seen. This angel told Bob that he had previously been assigned to a man by the name of Benson Idahosa from Nigeria, but he had now come to the States. This angel said that stadiums would not be able to hold the masses of people and they would have to go to the open fields. The angel said to Bob, "Tell the people three words, 'MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!' We'll be moving with those that move in the things of God." The angels of God are looking for the sons and daughters of the Kingdom to start decreeing and moving in faith. As we begin to speak as God's authority on the earth, all of Heaven will come to back our words. The angels are being released to facilitate the will of God on the earth. The five angels that have been released are: Breakthrough Revival, Winds of Change, Healing Revival, Great Grace, and Wisdom. I've encountered each of these angels over the past few years in key meetings as we've ministered and brought a powerful release of revelation, miracles, signs, and wonders. Each time I've seen them, it's been in meetings located directly off of major interstates and intersections in North America. The five main revival highways are not exclusive in themselves as revival fires will burn all across the United States, but the places I've seen these angels move have been off of these key highways: The 5 Highways of Revival 1. Interstate 5 runs along the West Coast from San Diego to Canada. I saw major explosions of the glory of God and revival fires burning in San Diego, Santa Ana, Anaheim, Fullerton, Pasadena, and all throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding regions, and Stockton, Sacramento and Redding; into Medford, Grants Pass, Eugene, and Portland, Oregon; and into Vancouver and Seattle, Washington; and also Vancouver, B.C. Last year while ministering in Grants Pass, Oregon, I saw the angel Winds of Change moving up and down I-5. This angel was the angel that sparked revival in Lakeland just a few months later. 2. I then saw Interstate 95 on the East Coast, running from Maine to Miami, pelted with fires of revival. The cities that stood out were Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Savannah, Richmond, Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Newark, and all throughout New York City; also New Haven, Connecticut and Providence, Rhode Island. I saw a massive fire in Boston on the cross roads of the east where 90 and 95 meet. Last year I had a visitation from the Lord Himself in January as we were starting off the year at the Boston Cross Roads Glory conference. The Lord came to me during the worship service and handed me two stones—one red and the other green. He said to me, "Jeff, this nation has seen the natural government established here in Boston, but now they are going to see My government established here in the States." The Lord then said, "See, Jeff, My government is upon My shoulders." The stones the Lord had given me were the Urim and the Thummim which were placed upon the shoulders of the High Priest. In the Old Testament, these stones would determine the precise will of God in every situation. Jesus is the Head and we are His Body and carry His government in the earth! Boston will burn with a fire so hot that they will come from the nations of the earth to behold the glory of God. 3. I saw Interstate 90/94 running from Boston to Seattle. Along it I saw cities like Albany and Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo, New York. I saw Cleveland and Toledo, Ohio; and Chicago and Milwaukee, Madison and the Fox River Valley in Wisconsin; Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Fargo, North Dakota; I saw Billings, Montana; Spokane and Seattle, Washington—all burning with different levels and degrees of the glory of God. 4. I saw Interstate 10 running from Jacksonville, Florida, to Los Angeles, California. Along this revival highway I saw Tallahassee, Florida and Mobile, Alabama. Houston and San Antonio, Texas were burning with an intense heat. Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona to L.A. were all ablaze with glory fire. I believe many cities will have invitations to host the presence and the spirit of revival, but only some will receive. 5. Lastly, I saw Interstate 40 running through the middle of the United States. Bob Jones had seen a similar vision last year and called it the "40 Revival Highway." In this vision, I saw a similar thing with key regions overrun with angelic activity and explosions of the power and glory of God. Starting on the East Coast I saw Raleigh, Greensboro and Asheville, North Carolina, engulfed in flames. Knoxville and Nashville were some of the brightest revival flames burning on the map, as raw hunger would be the fuel that would feed these revivals. Memphis, Little Rock, Oklahoma City, Albuquerque, and back to Los Angeles, were aflame. The Lord also revealed to me other circuitry that would work within these revival highways and spark new life into regions as Heaven invaded in days to come. The Lord showed me what He called the "Topeka Triangle" that runs from Topeka, Kansas, to Houston, Texas; then up the I-10 through Phoenix to L.A.; and then back to Topeka forming a revival triangle. Topeka was key to the Azusa Street Revival. His Glory Will Be Seen Upon You We are in a season where the waves of revival are beginning to build again—this time it will spill upon whole, corporate bodies of Believers in key cities and regions. These miracle angels have been sent to America to fan the flames of revival and will respond to our faith and believing, as we gather together in expectation of the Lord. Our sense of wonder, expectation, and childlike faith will draw these miracle angels to our meetings with powerful demonstrations of the Kingdom of God. As we continue to provide the fuel of love and holy awe to the moving of God, the atmosphere will become electric—resulting in mass explosions of revival fires that will burn bright for the nations to see! The Azusa Street revivalist, William J. Seymour, prophesied in 1909 that within 100 years there would be a release of the Shekinah Glory of God that would burn brighter than what took place during the Azusa Street Revival. During that revival there were incredible miracles that marveled the masses—like limbs growing out! God is preparing the Body of Christ to shine with this glory that the nations would see and come to the brightness of our rising! Isaiah 60 says that His glory will be seen upon you!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hannah's Testimony

My life has been so touched since the conference. 3 years ago, I used to operate powerfully in the Holy Spirit, doing full time deliverance ministry and then God told me to go learn how to be a chef. Since then, it has been a very amazing and hard journey navigating in the restaurant industry with no formal training- just having the voice of the Lord to guide me and His favor. Long story short, for 3 years I have been practicing intimacy, but not in any sort of ministry or getting wrecked in the spirit very often. Just working crazy hard long hours in some very distinguished restaurants. Since the conference, I have prayed for 2 people who have received very miraculous healings from long term infirmities and today- I led my friend who was a witch to the LORD!! There is so much fruit from last weekend. I literally wake up every morning feeling the presence of God manifesting very strongly. The Lord has had me call my church family in Seattle and a friend in Colorado to impart the fire from Raleigh. I have laid hands on everyone here in Atlanta and released the fire with crazy glory pouring down on them. I wanted to write to you what the Lord shared with me about your ministry and what was going on in the spirit last weekend. Your ministry has such a special anointing for abundance and provision. Obviously, with the 1.2 million manifesting recently. Last weekend, there were gates in the spirit being opened and created to highways into the treasuries of Heaven. Keys were being released to everyone there. As a gate keeper, God showed me last weekend that not only can we open and close gates, we can call gates to be built and come forth when the Lord releases the anointing for it. There is a very specific anointing in your church for Kings to come forth. I saw that many of your young people will be raised up to be world leaders in finance, entertainment, evangelism, education etc. I kept hearing the word, "Royalty". You are raising a generation who knows they are royalty in the Kingdom, but will pave the way for that reality manifesting in the world. -Hannah Chung, Burning! Conference 2012 attendee

Kaisa's Testimony and Word

We recently received this from a young lady who attended our Burning! Conference: "Something about your church was very, very special to me and I wanted to let you know. I just felt that God really appreciates your hearts, who are leading, and really appreciates the work you do and He will bring people to help build up the church. Cause CTF will grow in Raleigh and lots of people will start coming to Raleigh just for that. People will move to Raleigh for the church, also from abroad. And it will be a place where people get equipped, and then they go back to their countries to equip others. It will be an equipping center. God will send the fire starters there to get equipped first... Lots of knowledge and revelation of Father's heart will be sent from CTF Raleigh to all around the world. I believe also through media. God will give exceptional wisdom and revelation to the leaders of CTF Raleigh, so that you will build the church all around the world. CTF Raleigh will have a very special place and anointing, unlike any other. That's what I'm feeling. Your church is a very, very special place and has a special place in Father's heart. He's gonna take care of all your needs cause this church is very precious to Him, He's gonna show the world who He is through this church in Raleigh. So many people will get to know Him through you. You already have, but you will have even more of exceptional teaching that will flow straight from the heart of God and change people's lives instantly. So.. I was so blessed to be there, and hope I'll be able to come back soon. Thank you so much for everything, you have been such a blessing to me!" -Kaisa from Finland

Monday, October 24, 2011

Prophetic Word from The Time is Now Conference-Tammy Schabel October 2011

When the alarm woke me this morning I was in a dream. I heard the name "August South" twice right before the alarm went off.

August means : inspiring, reverence or admiration; majestic. It is the eighth month, symbolizing new beginnings. Also, the month of the Jewish New Year known as "Rosh Hashanah." There are 31 days in August: one of the names of God is "El", meaning "the Almighty." The numeric value of this Hebrew word is 31.

South: "a cardinal point of the compass lying directly opposite north." The cardinal is our North Carolina state bird. It is a bright red, North American songbird. Cardinal means: "of prime importance; a high ecclesiastical appointment standing in rank next to the pope." Red is used as one of the primary colors of light.

This is what I am hearing:

God is visiting North Carolina right now and North Carolina will be one of the primary states to lead the way in this next move of God among us. When the month of August was originally chosen for the calendar, it was because of several great triumphs, one of which was Egypt. I hear the Lord saying that the Spirit of Egypt (love of the world and slavery or bondage to it) is being broken off of the Body of Christ. Our reverence and admiration for the Majesty of the Almighty God is going to be restored. This day, " The Time is Now Conference", is the beginnings of this new thing that God is doing in our hearts.

- Tammy Scahbel, Raleigh, NC, October 2, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Testimony- Burning Conference, June 2011

For the past 3 years my 16 year old daughter has been experiencing overheating. This started with sports, but expanded to her everyday life. Now this doesn’t sound like a serious problem, but when she would exert herself the least little bit she would get physically sick; turn pale, cold sweat, muscle weakness, dizziness, shaking, and upset stomach. She was hydrating like crazy but nothing helped. She went to her pediatrician who ran lots of tests (including looking for tumors) but could not find the source. She finally had to quit playing volleyball and could not even enjoy going to the water park or beach with her friends. We would notice even in the coldest room she would still be hot.

Last June we came to the Burning Conference at your church. She was prayed for many times throughout the conference – but she noticed a difference. She was able to dance during the Burning set and not overheat. All summer long she kept testing it and testing it and she was not overheating. She would get hot (as a normal person does) but not cross over to that point of getting sick anymore.

That was 5 months ago and she has been dancing up a storm. We are so grateful to God and to Catch the Fire Raleigh for this miracle. Blessings on your church!

-Anne Sych, Newport News, VA, October 14, 2011

Word from Tammy Schabel during The Time is Now! Conference

Friday night I heard the Lord say that He is/would be sending us (Catch the Fire Raleigh) out and that we would need to have our arms stretched wide open because we would return with the harvest of souls. I heard the old hymn, "Bringing in the sheaves." My husband sang the hymn beautifully on the way to church on Saturday morning. On Saturday night, I saw bodies all over the floor face down and the Lord reminded me of the outpouring that we experienced in the Baptist church in the 80's. I saw this in Brownsville, Fl. as well. I felt in my spirit that it would not be long before this would be happening at Catch the Fire Raleigh.

-Tammy Schabel, October 5, 2011